After not winning anything at the cosplay pagent at GaymerX2 (bullshit) I undertook the task of putting my Garrett cosplay on my mannequin.

So HERE have some epic detail shots!


hey! if you don’t already know, EA Games is giving away Sims 2 Ultimate Collection! It’s completely free, and contains all expansions and stuff packs. Get it here

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sorry but im like genuinely distressed by the existence of the 50 shades of grey movie i dont want this shit to exist im furious that there has to be another goddamn fucking trash piece of media that’s being released in cinemas and widely discussed about a powerful sexually dominant cishet white dude controlling a weak woman who is powerless to his charm and wit and his sexual abuse! and not to mention normalising abusive and creepy relationships like i just dont want girls to grow up thinking this is okay and it’s really fucking upsetting 

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Playing a Bethesda game like


who is best jojo
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The United States gives 8.5 million dollars per day in military aid to Israel so anyone who still thinks America isn’t involved “per se” can eat my ass. The financial collaboration coming from the United States is exactly what funds and allows the illegal and genocidal Israeli occupation of Palestine. 


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okay but it's not studio ghibli's fault, the movie is literally based off of a book by some woman. and actually the movie was really good aside from that and went into a lot about fighting depression and making friends and stuff like that too. idk, i thought it was good.

oh god, that might have came off meaner than i had intended. i didn’t mean it like that. idk it’s just that as someone coping with depression i thought it was a really nice movie. i’m sorry.

Firstly, I’m sorry I didn’t answer this earlier. I’m not allowed to have internet after 11pm, it is one of the rules of my house(people often forget I have a phone, but even then everyone knows tumblr mobile is shit and I don’t even try to access it unless I’m desperate). So… I’m little late(15 hours late?) but I hope you see my answer, anon!

After thinking a lot about this, I think I’m… wrong, and I’m sorry. I think I got angry because I legitly thought there was a little, little chance of the relationship being true, and when this hope was crushed, I simply snapped and lashed out without thinking. I was also not aware it was based in a book(I really didn’t even think about googling more about the movie! I’ll be more careful next time).

So, don’t be sorry, anon! In reality, you helped me to rethink my actions, thanks for that.. You already saw the movie? I hope it was a good experience, and I’ll try to watch the movie too without any lasting bias.

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The financial heart of the Empire

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Edmund Tarbell, Mary and New Castle Poppy, 1926.

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